FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

Local History Results:

2016 Dunwoody NE Georgia Soap Box Derby Results

Stock Division

PLACE           DRIVER

1st         Emaya Lewis

2nd        Burrell Ellis

3rd        Owan Kler

4th        Ethan Austin-Cruse


Super Stock Division

1st        Jackson Austin-Cruse

2nd       Charlie Furlow

3rd        Muriel Hanback

4th        Morris Lewis


Masters Division

1st        Ivey McDonald

2nd       Liam Fox

3rd        Tyler McQueer

4th        Christian Fisher

2015 Dunwoody NE Georgia Soap Box Derby Results

STOCK Division

PLACE      DRIVER                      SPONSOR

1ST            Emma Fox                 Fox Appliance Parts

2nd            Madison Clark           Susan G. Coleman

3rd             Jennifer Brown         RPM Control Engineering

4th             Logan McQueer         Wills Auto Machine


1st             Brianna Harris           Custom Signs Today

2nd            Kimberly Brown         RPM Control Engineering

3rd             Aaron Bashuk            Wills Auto Machine

4th             Tyler McQueer           Wills Auto Machine

MASTERS Division

1st               Bryce Campbell           Wills Auto Machine

2nd              Kelby Strickland         Field Of Dreams

3rd               Malena Shipley            Wills Auto Machine

4th               Liam Fox                      Fox Appliance Parts


STOCK RALLY CHAMP:  Malena Shipley           




SUPER KIDS:             RACER                              DRIVEN BY 


  1ST                                   Grant Tillman                        Cole Williamson

  2nd                                   Chelsie Staples                     Maddie Hanback

  3rd                                    Avery Wiggins                      Wesley Hanback

  4th                                    Joshua Taylor                       Malena Shipley



 1ST              Emaya Lewis                Dorville Police Dept

 2nd              Theo Pappas                 Chamblee Police Dept

 3rd               Jordan Hyman              Dunwoody Police Dept

2014 Dunwoody NE Georgia Soap Box Derby Results

               Masters Division

Place                  Driver                            Sponsor

  1st            Savannah Simms                   Family

  2nd             Bryce Campbell          Wills Auto Machine

  3rd                Drew Exley                  Akins Family Auto

  4th              Keith Samuels               Field of Dreams

               Super Stock Division

Place                    Driver                                             Sponsor

 1st                 Malena Shipley                                MOSAIC Group 

 2nd               Lyndsey Brooke                Watson Dentistry with a Difference

 3rd               Kimberly Brown                          RPM Control Engineering

 4th                Scott Dodunski                                 Bulldog Movers

                 Stock Division

Place                    Driver                                    Sponsor

 1st                 Tylor McQueer                    Wills Auto Machine

 2nd                 Tessa Martin                               Family

 3rd               Sophia Seabaugh              Metro Atlnata Ambulance

 4th                  Chloe Walden                 Lamar Walden Automotive

               Super Kids Division

Place                     Driver

 1st                     Max Stutz

 2nd                  Grant Tillman

 3rd                   Raine Skinner

 4th                       Ivan May


2013 Dunwoody NE Georgia Soap Box Derby Results

               Masters Division

Place                 Driver                                     Sponsor

 1st                Victoria Joh

 2nd               Drew Exley                          Akins Family Auto      

 3rd             Georgia Wescott

 4th              Christian Fisher

           Super Stock Division

Place                     Driver

 1st               Athanasios Grivakis

 2nd                Scott Dodunski

 3rd                Mark Condovado

 4th                 Nathan Short

                Stock Division

Place                    Driver

 1st                Kimberly Brown

 2nd                Sadie Craymer

 3rd                Sarah Williams

 4th                Alexys Grivakis


2012 Dunwoody NE Georgia Soap Box Derby Results

                  Masters Division

Place                    Driver                                       Sponsor

 1st               Ansley Christensen                  Will's Auto Machine

 2nd                  Anna Herzler                           RS Motorwerks

 3rd                    Drew Exley                           Akins Family Auto

                Super Stock Division

Place                     Driver                                     Sponsor

 1st                 Mark Cordovado                      Kapp Koncepts

 2nd                  Arturo Lopez                       Jim Ellis Chevrolet

 3rd                Georgia Wescott                   Custom Signs Today

                   Stock Division

Place                      Driver                                     Sponsor

 1st                   Malena Shipley                    Shipley Family Car

 2nd                 Kimberly Brown                    Brown Family Car

 3rd                    Liam Harris               Dunwoody Homeowners Association

                Super Kids Division

Place                                    Drivers

 1st                     Victoria Wise & Co-pilot Isaac Wise


2011 Dunwoody NE Georgia Soap Box Derby Results

                 Super Stock Division

Place                       Driver                                  Sponsor

 1st                      Drew Exley                       Akins Family Auto

 2nd                      Jack Stutz

 3rd                     Evan Schmitz

                    Stock Division

Place                          Driver                            Sponsor

 1st                       Henry Guynn                Mellow Mushroom

 2nd                      Connor Mark

 3rd                       Arturo Lopez

                  Super Kids Division

Place                           Drivers                                  Sponsor

 1st                 Robbie Marra & Drew Caso


2010 Dunwoody NE Georgia Soap Box Derby Results

                  Super Stock Division

Place                           Driver                                 Sponsor

 1st                     Ansley Christensen               Bull Dog Movers

 2nd                          Lian Daley                         Pet Med Plus

 3rd                         Trent Rabern                       Just Trash It!

                     Stock Division

Place                              Driver                                      Sponsor

 1st                          Alexandra Daley                          Kiwanis Club

 2nd                          Henry Guynn                              USA Test Prep

 3rd                            Liam Harris                 Dunwoody Homeowners Association


Sportsmanship Award: Jenah Clarkson


2009 Dunwoody NE Georgia Soap Box Derby Results

                    Super Stock Division

Place                               Driver                                      Sponsor

 1st                            Tremaine Davis                              Family

 2nd                             Anna Herzler                         RS Motorwerks

 3rd                                 Oliver Ni                              Bulldog Movers

                        Stock Division

Place                                Driver                                      Sponsor

 1st                             Trenton Rabern                             Family

 2nd                            Cassidy Wright                Dunwoody Police Department

 3rd                               Morgan Croft                      No Possum Consulting


Good Sportsmanship Award: Anna Herzler