FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

May Rally 2023

05/06/2023 - 05/07/2023
72nd & Washington Seymour Smith Park Omaha, NE

Race City: Omaha
Race Dates: 5/6/2023 - 5/7/2023
Divisions: ST, SS, MS
Race Fee: $30
Contact Person: Jerry Vanwaart,, (402) 960-5782

Location of Track: Seymour Smith Park, 72nd Washington Omaha, NE.   Three miles South on 72nd street off of I-80.  Northwest corner of the park. Pits @ the bottom.

Type of Wheel Exchange   Random wheel bank, 4 wheel progressive.

Cost   $35 per Race   $100 for all 4 races.   Discount for second family, no charge for third.

Pre-Registration Is Required by a Phone Call     Last day to register is Monday May 1.  If you need to cancel, please do so by wed. May 3.   Jerry Van Waart  402-960-5782

Registration Forms   Omaha has a file bank of past registration forms and will update and print your new form and have it on hand when you arrive. New racers will be added by Pre-Registering by phone contact as well as any inf. changes past racers may have.  The parent code of conduct will be printed on the back. Both sides need signatures during onsite registration.  Please check for correct information and spelling so we can update or correct our files.  Our intent is to speed up registration, and have readable forms.

Race Day Start Times   Track opens at 7:00 am. Scales, wheel check-out, and registration start @ 7:15.  Scales close @8:45.  Drivers meeting, brackets drawn at random by computer, and racing to follow. VERY IMPORTANT, REPORT ON TIME, BE RACE READY WHEN YOU UNLOAD! 

Pre-race Procedures   Unload and move trailers from the North side of the pits.  As soon as possible line up at the scales.  Red scale Masters & Super Stock, four pad scale Stock. While in line checkout a set of wheels from the wheel bank trailer.  Select any set and get 4 large wheel clips.  Wheels are marked for correct placement and direction.  Clean spindles and light lubrication is very helpful. Wheel box must be returned to the storage trailer.  At registration you will receive a racing bracket sticker. Place this sticker on the top of your car facing the driver.  Families with more than one member racing should be careful to not put the wrong number on their cars.  This # is what is in the Race Manager computer program for each driver by divisions. This number will be used for all races.

Tail Weight   A 15 lb. tail limit is enforced.   Total correct weight confirmed. Recorded tail weight with driver in driving position, and recorded empty car only.  Starter will observe the weigh in. Scale checks during the race maybe held.   Anyone may rescale and adjust with an Omaha official as long as it does not delay the race.

Race Procedures   All procedures will be covered at the drivers meeting.


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