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How do Race Days Work?

Track Setup
Racing events are held on a weekend which means you have the option to race on Saturday and or Sunday. A typical race day starts by getting to the track early to help setup of the track.

The pits typically open at 7:30 AM and this provides a short time to do last minutes safety checks and minor adjustments on your car. There is limited time in the morning so we recommend you do your full setup at home before getting to the race. For those borrowing a car we will help you with the setup.

Registration and Weigh-In
To compete in a race you must pay the race fee which is $35 per race and complete registration forms. Each racer is weighed with their car and weights are added. This ensures each car and racer is the same weight per division and keeps things fair.

Races can be either double elimination (where you have to lose twice to be eliminated) or single elimination (where you can only lose once). Before each race a random bracket is drawn to determine who races who in the first round of heats.

Two racers will race against each other in a phase down the hill and the time differential will be recorded. The racers and their cars will be taken to the top of hill in a return vehicle and trailer. At the top of the hill their wheels will be swapped and they will change lanes. After they complete their second phase down the hill whoever has the best overall time differential advances in the winner's bracket and whoever loses goes to the challenge bracket. It happens often that racers work their way back from the challenge bracket to win the division. Racing continues throughout the day until there is a winner in each division.

Cleanup and Trophies
After racing is finished it is time to help clean up the track and pack up your personal items. Because racing involves a lot of equipment this can take time. You will find that our club works together to help the process go faster and ensure that one person doesn't have to do it all. We give trophies out for 1st through 8th place per division. We also give out the sportsmanship trophy which is the most important of all.

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