FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown


Q: How can I get started racing?

A: Drop us a line and we will hook you up with an experienced race family in your area.

Q: Do I have to buy and build a car?

A: For first time drivers, we have club cars that can be adjusted to fit your driver so you can start racing without the car buying expense. If you enjoy racing, we can help you with the next steps to getting your own car.

Q: I have a question...

A: Drop us an email to - A club member will email you or call you back and go over all your questions

Q: I would like to donate my time or money to help your program.

A: Please contact us - we can always use both to grow our program...

Q: What are the ages for racing?

A: Kids can start racing at the age of 7 and continue until age 20.

Q: Are there different divisions of Racing?

A: Yes there are different divisions...

     STOCK:             ages 7 -13    Car with Driver 200 Lbs

     SUPER STOCK: ages 9 -18    Car with Driver 240 Lbs

     MASTERS:         ages 10 - 20 Car with Driver 255 Lbs

     SUPER KIDS:    This division is open to Special Needs children. 

     We have 2 person cars that allow our special needs racers to go down with an experinced driver.

     Check out our Getting Started Super Kids page.

Q: Can you do any fundraising to help with payments?

A: We currently have 2 different fundraisers going...

     The club is currently selling Vande Walle's candy bars. For each box            sold, $10 will go into your driver's own personal account to help cover        the cost of upcoming local race fees. Please contact us if you are                  interested in selling candy bars for the club.

Kwik Trip gas cards are also available with proceeds going towards driver's personal accounts to help cover the cost of racing.  Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing cards for your own use or to sell to family and friends.