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Soap Box Derby Trademark/Logo Usage Guidelines

The International Soap Box Derby® is the owner of the following trademarks, each of which is registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office:

Name App./Reg. No.

Soap Box Derby 1084300 (U.S.)
Soap Box 4446805 (U.S.)
All-American Soap Box Derby 1079538 (U.S.) U.S. TM Registration No. 1,061,212
American Soap Box Derby
Thrill of the Hill 2039500 (U.S.)
The Greatest Amateur Racing Event In The World  3733789 (U.S.)
AASBD 3186664 (U.S.)
Gravity Racing Challenge 4,590,442 (U.S.)


The International Soap Box Derby is the owner of the following Logos:

Sbd Logo R

Aasbd Logo Jpg

Fe Aasbd Logo Cmyk

Grc Logo

Old Soap Box Derby Logo

Vintage Aasbd Logo

These trademarks and logos are property of the International Soap Box Derby and cannot be used unless written consent is provided by the ISBD.