Race Rules

For the most up-to-date race rules, download the International Soap Box Derby Rule Book (Updated June 2023). Please contact us at raceprograms@soapboxderby.org if you have any questions.

2023-2024 Racing Season

The AASBD 2023-2024 Racing Season begins on August 1, 2023 and ends on July 31, 2024.

The AASBD 2023-2024 Rally Racing Season begins the day after United States Memorial Day, May 30, 2023, and ends on the following United States Memorial Day, May 27, 2024.

Have a Rule Change Request?

Please fill out the form below if you are looking to request a rule change or think that a new rule should be considered for our existing rule book. This information will be shared with the appropriate committees. We may reach out to you for more information.

Rulebook Updates for the
2023-2024 Racing Season


A participant in the Stock or Super Stock Division must remain in the lean forward position with his or her helmet and eyes above the (top of shell) of the car throughout the entire heat.


a. The limit weight distribution to no more than a fifteen (15) pound nose or tail-heavy differential in the Stock and Superstock Divisions.

b. The limit weight distribution to no more than a fifteen (15) pound nose and five ((5) pound tail-heavy differential in the Masters Division.


All cars must weigh-in on race day morning, in racing position, on the same scales per division. If cars are weighed and impounded before race day, the Race Officials have the option of weighing only drivers on race day morning. The Master Division hatch must be completely opened during the weigh-in process. Handlers need to be prepared for this capability. The driver must maintain their weigh in position and location when racing (in all divisions).


The number of Rally Regional Titles that will be awarded by a Rally Region is determined by multiplying the number of racers per region and division by a predetermined percentage (listed below).

Factor for those Regions holding a minimum of ten (10) Double Elimination Rally Races **:

  • Stock: 20%
  • Super Stock: 20%
  • Masters:45%

Factor for those Regions holding less than ten (10) Double Elimination Rally Races: **

  • Stock: 10%
  • Super Stock: 10%
  • Masters:23%

In an effort to encourage Racers to participate in the Rally Program, a minimum of one qualified Rally Racer per division will be invited from a Region when that Region is not able to hold the required amount of Rally Races or has minimal participation.

Racing Commission

The Racing Commission provides guidance and management of racing rules regarding Local races as well as the building requirements for the Stock, Super Stock and Masters cars. The Racing Commission is responsible for the inspection of Champ cars and largely responsible for managing the FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby race in Akron each July. Within the Racing Commission, sub-committees include the A-team, Associate Racing Commissioners and the Ultimate Speed Committee.

Rally Commission

The Rally Commission is responsible for overseeing the Rally Program. This includes establishing and maintaining rally race rules as well as ensuring fun, healthy and safe rally programs meet the goals of the AASBD mission. The Rally Commission also handles rally rule questions and clarifications. All members are intimately involved in Race Week with the Challenge Races, Topside Show and various other Race Week responsibilities. The Commission also meets once a month via telephone. Each year the Rally Commission accepts applications for new members. Applicants should be knowledgeable and passionate about Rally racing. Contact soapbox@soapboxderby.org with questions for the Rally Commission.

View Rally Commission Members

John (Buzz) Pankoff – Chair

Jamey Allen – Vice

Rachelle Tomasek – Secretary

Alan Howe – Honorary

Anne Taylor Yenko – Honorary

Gene Blackwell – Member

Bill Graham – Member

Wendy Barr – Member

Lisa Carpenter – Member

Sally Fell – Member

Al Garren – Member

Chris Schlafke – Member

Competition Committee

The Competition Committee is an advisory group composed of the committee chairs for the Rally, Racing and Regional Director Committees as well as a Soap Box Derby Board Member and a member appointed by the Soap Box Derby President & CEO. The Competition Committee is responsible for coordinating program initiatives, final review of proposed rule changes and providing input into AASBD strategic planning. Items for the consideration of the Competition Committee are brought forward by each of the committee chairs.