FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown


  1. Who is eligible to race?
    • Boys and girls ages 7-19.
  2. Are there racing divisions?
    • Yes, Stock, Superstock, and Masters are the three divisions.  The divisions roughly correspond to Small, Medium, and Large size/age of the kid.  The divisions are co-ed which is a great and unique aspect of derby racing.
  3. Do I build my own car?
    • All cars are assembled from an official kit.  You no longer build your car from scratch out of a soap box.
  4. How do I acquire a car to start racing?
    • There are three ways.  1) Go to and order a new car (roughly $800).  2) Shop on Facebook and similar sites for a used car (from $0 to $600) 3) Inquire with the Columbus organization to race a loaner car (nominal charge and a great way to test how much you fall in love with racing).
  5. Can I get a mentor?
    • Yes.  There are plenty of experienced racing families in Columbus to help you get started.
  6. How fast do the cars go?
    • In Columbus, cars reach top speed of 30ish MPH. 
  7. Is a car sponsor required?
    • No not required.  But it’s a great way to engage your employer or neighborhood business.
  8. What are the racing entry fees?
    • The entry fee for the Columbus Championships is usually around $40.  Rally race entry fees vary between $15-$30 per driver per race.
  9. How much time is required?
    • As much as you choose.  A pre-assembled loaner car can be configured to a child in about two hours.  This would cover the basics to be safe and competitive. 
  10. How often can I race?
    • In Columbus, you can race three times per year.  You can rally race in April and September and compete in the Columbus Championships in May.  You can race more often if you travel to nearby cities (e.g., Lancaster, Akron, Cleveland, Indianapolis).
  11. Do I need a van or pickup truck?
    • You’ll need some way to transport your car to the track. SUVs are generally big enough to fit a derby car.
  12. What is the difference between Rally and the Columbus Championships?
    • There are two ways to qualify for World Championships in Akron held every year in July.  First, is as a Rally champion which is a points-based circuit with races all over the country.  Second, is to win the Columbus Championship which features cars/drivers only from Central Ohio.
  13. What is the racing format?
    • Races are generally double elimination and use a two-phase lane and wheel swap.  In short, that means lanes and wheels are minimized as a winning factor.  A driver goes down the hill a minimum of four times in a race.
  14. Where does racing occur?
    • The Columbus track is in Big Run Park on the southwest side of Franklin County.  Our track is one of the finest racing facilities in the country.