FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

Local Race Awards

Soap Box Derby tradition runs deep in NH.  In addition to the awards for top finisher, there are a number of special awards that we give out at the annual local race as a way to pay tribute to the supporters that keep us going strong.  


Table Of Awards 500

Special Awards

Neil Robinson Trophy

Furthest from Dover Stock Division 


Robinson 200

Bill Griffith Trophy

Furthest from Dover Super Stock Division

Griffith 200


Cheshire County Trophy

Furthest from Cheshire County 

 Unknown 200


Rookie of the Year

Furthest placing first year contestant 


Winner keeps award.

Jim Bundza Memorial Trophy

Best Constructed Stock Division 

Bundza 200

Behan Family Trophy

Best Constructed Super Stock Division 


Behan 200

Roland Morrissette Memorial Trophy

Best Constructed Masters Division

Best Const Master 200

Phil Rogers Memorial Trophy

Best Sportsmanship as voted by the contestants 

Rogers 200



NHSBD Alumni Trophy


All Around Derby Contestant  

Alumni 200


BaHaSu Trophy

It's Your Day Award - In memory of Dick Baldauf, Barry Hager, and Bob Sullivan

Bundza 200