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Landen Watson wins 2018 World Rally Super Stock title

Landen Watson, 14 yr. old, from Madisonville became Pennyrile Soap Box Derby Association's second World Champion!  Landen pulled out a narrow victory over his Ohio competitor by .008 seconds to take First Place.  This was Landen's second year to compete in Akron at the championships.  PSBDA also congratulates Hannah Salley for taking 2nd Place in the 2018 World Local Super Stock race.  This was Hannah's first year to compete in Akron.  She did an outstanding job making it to the championship round.  Lukas Ramey (2015 World Rally Stock Champion) was the third shining soap box star by placing 3rd in the 2018 World Rally Masters division.  Luke held the lead until the last hash mark and lost by a small margin of .031 seconds.  Levi West was the 2018 National Points Champion - overall with 258 points.  Levi also made it to the Top 6 in the Rally Challenge Race during Race Week.  Morgan Buntin did an outstanding job in the Carhartt stock car.  She fell a little short this year.  Congrats to all our fantastic kids - you made us proud!! 




On Saturday, July 25, 2015, the first Kentuckian to cross the finishline in 78 years was Lukas Ramey, 11 yr old. of Hanson, Kentucky,   Lukas, son of Doug and Lisa Ramey, won the stock division by .019 against another fellow Kentuckian, Chase Schlafke of Glasgow, Kentucky.  Following Luke came Tyler Peterson of Bowling Green, Kentucky, winning the Super Stock division.  Kelsey Settles of Owensboro, Kentucky, followed the guys for a win in the Masters division.   The news rang from coast to coast.  Local Evansville station carried the story, see:

The trio has been honored by the Warren County Fiscal Court in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the City of Madisonville City Council, and featured in the Owensboro Living magazine. The upcoming edition of Kentucky Living will feature the champions.  Kentucky should be proud! 

This is Luke's third year to qualify for the World Championships.  He follows two other local racers who have had amazing finishes on the World Championship track - in 2013 Alex Terry took 2nd in the Super Stock Division at the World Rally Challenge during race week along with Hannah Moore, who finished 7th in the All-American World Championship in the super-stock division



Congratulations to Lukas Ramey (Masters), Landen Watson (Super-Stock) and Levi West (Stock) for their accomplishments at the 2017 World Championship in Akron - Race Week 7/16 - 22.   Lukas took the 6th place in the All-American race on Saturday.  He was beat out of the championship round by .017 against the racer with the fastest time all day.  Luke also ranked 3rd in the National Points Standings along with Levi West (Stock).  Levi won two heats and was barely edged out on his third heat to make it to the trophy round.  All Region 12 Racers (KY, TN, NC) did a fantastic job and several raced their way to the Top 9 finishers in their divisions.  We had (8) competitors in the Top 9 including one Super Kid finalist from Bowling Green and the 2017 World Champion Super Kids from Athens, TN.  11 of 21 were in inducted in the 200 Point Club and were in the Top 10 in the nation.  "We have three great tracks within an hour of each other that contributes to the success of our area racers", said Brien Terry (PSBDA Pres.)  We are proud of all of our racers!!  The 80th All-American Soap Box Derby Race held on Saturday, July 22, 2017, can be re-watched on YouTube.  The race was also covered by ESPN.

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2016 Local Race Champions 

Lukas Ramey, Masters Division              Clay England - Super Stock Division

Christopher Morgan, Stock Division

**Congratulations to Lukas Ramey, 2016 Ranked 3rd in National Rally Points-Masters Division; Region 12 Points Leader


2015 Local Champions head to Akron

Mathew Miller - Masters               Slade Woodward - Super Stock

Jake Gillette - Stock                     Lukas Ramey - Stock Rally Champion (Region 12 Points Leader/200 Point Club)


2014 Local Champions

McKenzie Shoulders - Masters

Jarrett Miller - Super Stock

Ethan Rickard - Stock

Lukas Ramey - Stock Rally Champion (200 Point Club)            Blair Terry - Masters Rally Champion (200 Point Club)

Kaitlyn Shoulders - Stock Rally Champion

Hannah Moore - Super Stock Rally Champion


Terry and Moore bring home the hardware from Akron-July, 2013

 Alex Terry, son of Brien and Alicia Terry, finished 2nd in the first World Super Stock Rally Challenge in Akron, Ohio.  Terry lost out by .003 seconds to take first.  Terry has raced for the last eight years and qualified each year to compete in World Championships.  He and his brother, Blair, have been successful in racing all divisions, stock, super stock and masters. 

Hannah Moore, daughter of John and Allison Moore, placed 7th in the All-American race held on Saturday of Race Week.  Hannah has a force to recken with in her Super-Stock car.  These are amazing finishes for both racers considering that there are over 400 racers from the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe that are competing for the championship crown.

2013 Local Champions

Blair Terry - Master Division                       Alex Terry - Rally Super Stock Champion (200 Point Club)

Colin Berry - Super Stock                           Hannah Moore - Rally Super Stock Champion (200 Point Club)

Lukas Ramey - Stock