FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown


 Thanks to the 2015 Race Staff Volunteers and Committee members

I believe that everyone had a good experience with our pre-race inspections thanks to former generation racers Bob Parmley Sr. and Russel Hale. Because of their thorough inspection, we ran a fair and safe race and provided our champs with VIPs in Akron! We are also thankful for safety checks performed by racer Grandpas: Dave Faestel and Mike. Our scales were manned by CJ Farr, Larry Schluntz, Jim Irwin, Karen Lauter and J.P. Pankoff. Thank you to all for ensuring that we had a fair race and it was left up to the kids to compete! This is not an easy task and requires commitment, training and experience. 

I want to thank everyone that made sure that completion of the pre-race activities were fair, and the integrity of Soap Box Derby was upheld in Denver. As always, a very special thank you to Bob Stander (Co Director Extraordinaire), committee members Marty Morgan, CJ Farr, Karen Lauter, Chuck Fleming, Denny Krausman, Bernie Stander, Jerry Stander, Judy Wolcott, Anne Cahill and John Smart. Each of you brings so much to the operations and success of this program. I thank you for being there for all that we ask and growing this program. Thanks to the Columbine Sertoma Club (Marty Morgan, Shelley Morgan, Judy Wolcott and Crew) for their commitment to running the concessions that provide good food for all and profits that benefit the program! 


Thanks to Bernie Stander (Chief Time Keeper) and Anne Cahill, Marti Bleidt and Jerry Stander (Set up expert) for their support of the timing system that is crucial to racing. As always, thanks to Anne Cahill for doing an excellent job running the Super Kids Program! You are all awesome! 

Starting Line 

A special thank you to Dan Evans, Chief Starter and previous generation Champ and 4 time Champ Father, for keeping the race moving and making it a fair and safe competition. This is an important piece that requires Soap Box Derby knowledge and an understanding of how great races are run! 

Return Vehicle Drivers 

Return drivers are an integral part of our race and very critical to maintain safety and keep the race running at a quick pace. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered this year! Our drivers for the Championship weekend were; Nathan Perkins, Steve Dawson, Terry Boucher, Bill Smyth, Doug Hodous and of course, John Smart. Thanks to all! 

Super Kids 

Thanks to Anne Cahill for leading and running the entire Super Kids program single handedly! This program is the showcase of the weekend and brings so much to the participants, families, co-pilots, and everyone involved. The smiles and stories make this program one of the best reasons to support and participate in Soap Box Derby. Anne’s task is not an easy one and she continues to make everything happen each year! Thanks again to Jerry Stander for building and supplying the 4 Super Kids cars! I truly believe that we have one of the best programs in the country. 

Competition Coordinator 

Another special thank you to Judy Pankoff, for doing the hardest Job on the track by running the brackets and making the race run like a well-oiled machine. A special award should be given for managing and coping with the Race Director 365 days a year! Many race families are thankful for your explanation of the race functions and your ability to keep us all moving in the right direction! 

The Stander Family and Fix Auto Highlands Ranch

Thanks to Dan, Jerry, Bernie, and Bob Stander and families. They have all been with us from the beginning and continue to be the largest supporters of our program. Dan does an outstanding announcing and explaining the sport to our spectators, but also for supports as a racing parent and the General Manager of Fix Auto Highlands Ranch, in which we house all of our clinics, fundraisers, storage of supplies and equipment. Jerry continues to lead in special projects that make our organization unique like the mini track, ramps, trailers and many, many other projects that make this organization better. Bernie is the main contact person and coordinator of all things “Stander” and helps in countless ways including being secretary and head Time Keeper. Of course, thanks to Bob Stander for accepting the position of Co-Director and tying it all together! The entire Stander family continues to do whatever is needed for the sport and the kids each and every day are the backbone of the organization. Their commitment is a huge undertaking in support of the program in every aspect. They do all of this without question, while running their successful Collision Repair business. None of us can ever express what this means to the Sertoma Mile High Soap Box Derby.