FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

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Stock Car

Super Stock Car

If you would like to race but don't have a car yet, send an application form to request associating yourself with a Sertoma car

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2017 Race Dates:

April 22-23 2017 All American Rally
      All American Rally weekend
      Double and single elimination on both Saturday and  Sunday 

May 20-21 2017 All American Rally
      All American Rally weekend- 
      Double and single elimination on both Saturday and Sunday 

June 24-25 2017 Local Championship Race 
      Denver Metro Local Championship weekend 

Registration Form - Local Race

Rally Registration Form

2017 First Energy All American Soap Box Derby World Championships Akron, Ohio 



 Rally Race Program

Rallies are fun Soap Box Derby races that are held to give racers and families a chance to practice their skills, set up their cars as well as earn points to earn additional chances to race in the All American world Championships in Akron Ohio and the NDR Nationals in Cleveland, OH. Rally races are held all across the country and many in our region. The rally season is August through May. Rally schedules are available at and for the respective organizations. 

The Rally Race Program allows participants to earn points by racing in various Rally Races throughout the United States and Canada. A participant in this program races year-round to win a “Rally Regional Title.” Racers can compete in as many Rally Races as they wish during the course of one season. The top point earners in each region are invited to compete in the FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby® World Championship in Akron, Ohio against other Rally Champions.

Rallies in Denver will be held at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds and registration will close at 8:30 am on race days. Races are $35 per race for the first racer in a family and $25 per race for a sibling. Pre-registration is not necessary, but you can contact us to save you a spot and give us an accurate head count. Masters racers should all call ahead if interested to make sure we have a field to race. If you have any questions, please contact us at or Buzz Pankoff @303-523-2899 or Bob or Jerry Stander @303-791-1900. 

Rally Race Timeline 2017


Race Divisions

There are 4 different divisions that the kids can race in: 

Stock division

The Stock division is for racers ages 7 to 13. They can accommodate a racer up to (approx.) 5'3" tall and 125 lbs. The shells of these cars can not be painted so you can have your choice of 3 colored shells: red, white, or blue.

Super Stock Division

The Super Stock division is for racers ages 9 to 18. They can accommodate a racer up to (approx.) 6'0" tall and 150 lbs. These cars can be painted any color the racer chooses.

Masters Division

The Masters division is for racers ages 10 to 20 and is driven by the more experienced drivers. They can accommodate a racer up to (approx.) 6'0" tall and 160 lbs. Because of the lay down design of these cars, smaller drivers are also competitive in this division. These cars can also be painted any color the racer chooses. 

Denver will unfortunately not be running a Masters division this year. Hopefully there will be more interest next year.

Super Kids Division

This division is for children with physical or mental disabilities that would not be able to participate in the All American Soap Box Derby on their own. This is for kids ages 8 to 17.   Each car is equipped with 2 steering wheels and has been specially designed to accommodate both a child with special needs and a veteran soap box derby driver who serves as a co-pilot.

In 1980 the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #34 had a community project and their undertaking was to assist with the local Akron Soap Box Derby. A veteran named Dave Mitan was working with the racers when he felt a tug on his shirt. Turning around to look who was trying to get his attention, he saw a special needs child next to a brother competing in the event. That small child asked, “Why can’t I do that?” Dave’s heart was so moved and his spirit so touched that he began discussing the experience with member veterans. The Chapter immediately met with the All-American Soap Box Derby, designed and built the cars. In 1981, the first Super Kids Classic was held in Akron, Ohio, and indeed on the same hill used by the All-American Soap Box Derby.

Racing is a family sport that requires the constructon of the car, preparing it for races, and participating in the races on local rally and championship race days. The cars (except for the Super Kids cars) come in a kit which includes everything needed for racing with the exception of the racing wheels and weights. You can buy the kit at

General Race Procedures: