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New Partnership with AndyMark


AKRON, OHIO ---International Soap Box Derby, Inc,.   and AndyMark, Inc. have entered into an agreement to allow AndyMark to sell Soap Box Derby products to education organizations beginning immediately.  Soap Box Derby headquarters in Akron will continue to support sales and distribute racecar kits and parts to Soap Box Derby enthusiasts and racers throughout the country at

Under the agreement, AndyMark will utilize its customer base to promote Soap Box Derby STEM education products to student-led groups and schools.   Both Soap Box Derby and AndyMark are committed to growing STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in an enjoyable, engaging way.

Andy Baker said, “AndyMark is excited to add the Soap Box Derby products to our offerings.  Soap Box Derby has a great reputation for youth gravity racing programs, so it is a natural fit for AndyMark to sell Soap Box STEM products, Baker explained. “With this agreement, AndyMark customers now have the convenience of purchasing Soap Box Derby products from our website along with their other favorite AndyMark products,” he said. 

 Growth of education programs to create experiential learning and giving students essential experience is vital to education in 21st century learning.   The Soap Box Derby programs serve K-12 students with racers eligible from ages 7-20.  

 “We have been looking for ways to sell and distribute our programs into more schools throughout the country, while trying to engage more young people in Soap Box Derby racing,” said Gerberich.   “AndyMark is an approved vendor for many school districts around the country, which helps expand our footprint.   AndyMark’s e-commerce site will assist these schools with online ordering.”

 “Our programs provide opportunities for curiosity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity, so we can impact all students through this fun experiential learning program, said Gerberich.


Soap Box Derby products are expected to be available on the AndyMark website by mid-October. For more information go to