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Schools and Clubs Competed in Soap Box Derby’s Gravity Racing Challenge STEM Team Competition



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AKRON, Ohio  (June 21, 2023) – Over recent weeks at Derby Downs here, students from Northeast Ohio schools and have competed in the Gravity Racing Challenge, an education program that teaches physics, gravity, wind resistance and other principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Energy and Mathematics) through Soap Box Derby racing.

Teams of up to 10 students and two educators spent several months building and fine-tuning their Stock and Super Stock division race cars which they raced at Derby Downs. In addition, they worked on an optional contest of designing and racing scale model Soap Box Derby Mini-Cars.

Area high school teams also competed in the Engineering Design Challenge division. Teams had been provided kits that included the floorboard, axles, wheels, steering and braking systems, as well as a list of materials they can use in the design and construction of the body. Some teams built their cars to run the fastest, while others customized and decorated their entries to look unique.


The winners for the GRC were as follows:


High School Engineering Design Challenge Teams  

1st – Barberton High School (Car No. 301)

2nd – Barberton High School (Car No. 302)

3rd – Bridges Learning Center (Car No. 305)

4th - Louisville High School (Car No. 303)


 High School Super Stock 

1st – Barberton High School (Car No. 201)

2nd – Cuyahoga Falls High School (Car No. 207)

3rd - Louisville High School (Car No. 208)

4th – Whitehall - Yearling High School (Car No. 206)

Untitled Design 4


High School Best Decorated | Engineering Design Challenge Class 

1st - Louisville High School (Mutt Cuts Car No. 303)


5 - 8 Grade Super Stock

1st – Austintown Middle School (Car No. 129)

2nd – Austintown Middle School (Car No. 128)

3rd – Austintown Middle School (Car No. 127)

4th – Austintown Middle School (Car No. 131)


3 - 5 Grade Stock

1st – Bridges Learning Center (Car No. 12)

2nd –Hatton Elementary School (Car No. 02)

3rd – King Elementary (Car No. 01)

4th – Hatton Elementary School (Car No. 05)


Optional Contest | Mini Soap Box Derby winners


Best Time

Grade 3-5

1st place – Kylie, 1.649 seconds (Streetsboro)

2nd place – Madison, 1.663 seconds (Streetsboro)

3rd place – Evette, 1.667 seconds (Streetsboro)

4th place – Ben, 1.672 seconds (Streetsboro)


Best Decorated

Grade 3-5

1st – Jacob, Pokémon Design (Hatton)

2nd – Brody, Gucci Design (Streetsboro)

3rd – Michael, Watermelon Design (Hatton)

4th – Annabelle, American Flag Design (Hatton)


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About the Soap Box Derby


            The Soap Box Derby is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to build knowledge and character, and to create meaningful experiences through collaboration and fair and honest competition. The Derby’s Core Values and Drivers include: Youth Education and Leadership Development; Family Engagement and Enrichment; Honesty, Integrity and Perseverance; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Teamwork and Collaboration; Mentoring; Volunteerism, and Commitment to Community. The Derby’s two youth initiatives are the FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby racing program and the STEM-based Education Program, which provides educational opportunities for K-12 youth worldwide through Soap Box Derby racing. The Derby dates back to 1934, when the first All-American race was held in Dayton, Ohio. For more information about the Soap Box Derby visit