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Soap Box Derby Set to Launch New At-Home Education Program


The International Soap Box Derby (ISBD) is set to launch its new at-home education program. This program will give children the opportunity to work on fun and exciting STEM- (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) based activities.

The ISBD’s 21st century at-home activities include, a STEM Mini-Car program, a programmable autonomous digiRacer by mimicRobots, and keeping with Derby tradition, a full-size Soap Box Derby (SBD) car program.

The STEM Mini-Car program consists of a 1/13 scale model of a Soap Box Derby car that you construct, test, and race. This 

The programmable autonomous digiRacer gives your child a chance to demonstrate his 

or her building and coding skills. This activity is set up so you can assemble and 

 controlled but is entirely self-driven by the artificial intelligence programmed by you. The digiRacer use the same complex vision systems as road-going autonomous vehicles, much like a Tesla vehicle. The base car kit is designed for maximum program your digiRacer car to follow a specific path down a slope solely powered by gravity. The digiRacer is not remote

assembly flexibility to facilitate multiple educational objectives with pre-written programming libraries.program will consist of three new activity booklets for first through sixth grade (Stock, Super Stock, and Masters) that includes five fun and interactive activities. The Mini-Car program will teach you about Derby history, tool safety, how to assemble your Mini-Car, and how weight affects the speed of your car. These activities are based on STEM concepts such as friction, speed, research, critical thinking, problem solving, designing and creating prototypes, as well as basic math concepts.

Staying with Derby tradition, you will have the opportunity to construct and fine-tune your very own Soap Box Derby race car by following the steps in the provided instruction guide. This hands-on program is accompanied with a STEM activity book which will keep you engaged in the building process. This program will teach life skills such as teamwork and collaboration along the build process. Make sure to check out the Derby’s YouTube channel for in-depth guides where Jared Zimmerman, host of Velocity’s “Car Fix,” will walk you through each step of the car build (

“These project-based, engaging, STEM-driven home education programs connect students’ learning and skill building to real world applications,” said Linda Hubbell, ISBD’s education director. “These education programs further support the Soap Box Derby’s racing tradition and commitment to fulfilling its mission to serve youth through these exciting, competitive gravity racing opportunities and experiences.”

“The Soap Box Derby continues to develop its education programs. This gives us another opportunity to offer students, parents and teachers at-home education activities and STEM lessons,” said Mark Gerberich, ISBD’s president and chief executive officer. “This gives the Derby the chance to explore new technological advances for our programs and to continue offering education products, curricula and competition for youth worldwide.”

Information on each of these three programs can be found on the Derby’s website at

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