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Soap Box Derby Teams With Girl Scouts Of Northeast Ohio For A STEM Adventure


The International Soap Box Derby teamed  with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio to provide a STEM adventure for Brownies and Juniors at Derby Downs on Saturday, April 25. More than 35 Girl Scouts from all over Ohio discovered the world of the Soap Box Derby racing as they participated in hands-on STEM related activities at the world famous track.  The girls learned how to build the fastest Soap Box Derby Mini Car and tested how weights affect the car's speed in a mini car race.

After constructing, testing, and fine-tuning their Soap Box Derby Mini Cars the girls competed in a mini car race and awards were given to the top four finishers. The top four finishers are listed below:




Katelyn Waite


MeKenne Murphy


Madelyn Bigham


Jamia Greer


Joe Mazur, President and CEO, of the International Soap Box Derby stated, "This is the first time that the Girl Scouts have held an event at Derby Downs.  As our education programs expand, the opportunity to hold more educational events will allow the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to have some unique experiences.  We look forward to working with both organizations to develop some memorable programs for the Scouts."

"This Mini Soap Box clinic was amazing," said Fallon Pulley, Program Coordinator for Girl Scouts of NE Ohio.  "The entire program strongly reinforced the important of math, science, and life skills as well the Girl Scouts 'Keys to Leadership'-Discover, Connect, and Take Action."

Brownie Scout, Emma Wood said, "I learned that if you have most of the weight in back and the center of gravity in the middle, your car will go faster."

"The trial and error process was great as the girls were able to figure out how weight placement in their cars affected its overall speed," added parent Angie Fox.

About International Soap Box Derby

The Soap Box Derby is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to build knowledge and character, and to create meaningful experiences through collaboration and fair and honest competition. The Derby's Core Values and Drivers include: Youth Education and Leadership Development; Family Engagement and Enrichment; Honesty, Integrity and Perseverance; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Teamwork and Collaboration; Mentoring; Volunteerism; and Commitment to Community. The Derby's two youth initiatives are the FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby racing program and the STEM-based Education Program, which provides educational opportunities for K-12 youth worldwide through Soap Box Derby racing. The Derby dates back to 1934, when the first All-American race was held in Dayton, Ohio.