The idea of the Soap Box Derby® grew out of a photographic assignment of Dayton, Ohio, newsman Myron Scott, who came across a group of boys racing their homemade cars in the summer of 1933. Myron was so impressed with the event that he acquired a copyright to Soap Box Derby and went in search of a corporate sponsor to establish a national program.

See how this idea and beloved tradition evolved into the Greatest Amateur Racing Event In The World® that spans nine decades.

Soap Box Derby Timeline

  • 1934
  • 1935
  • 1936
  • 1938
  • 1941
  • 1946
  • 1971
  • 1972
  • 1973
  • 1974
  • 1975
  • 1976
  • 1981
  • 1986
  • 1987
  • 1993
  • 1995
  • 1997
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 1934

    Chevrolet agreed to sponsor the first official All-American Soap Box Derby® in Dayton, Ohio. Eleven-year-old Bob Turner of Muncie, IN won.

  • 1935

    Race moved to Akron and ran on Tallmadge Avenue Hill because of its central location and hilly terrain. Maurice Bale, Jr., 14, of Anderson, IN won. International media attention was focused on the event when popular radio announcer Graham McNamee was struck by an out-of-control race car.

  • 1936

    Chevrolet and Akron civic leaders, including legendary journalist John S. Knight, recognized the need for a permanent track site for the youth gravity racing classic. Through the efforts of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), Derby Downs became a reality that year in the southeast section of Akron.

  • 1938

    Grandstands added along Derby Downs track.
    (Pictured: The 1938 World Champion car driven by Robert Berger of Nebraska City, Nebraska.)

  • 1941

    Akron’s Claude Smith, 14, won the last All-American Soap Box Derby before a four-year hiatus during World War II.

  • 1946

    The All-American Soap Box Derby resumed in Akron.

  • 1971

    Girls competed in Soap Box Derby racing for the first time.

  • 1972

    In Fall 1972, Chevrolet withdrew its national sponsorship of the Soap Box Derby and transferred all program rights to the Akron Area Chamber of Commerce.

  • 1973

    The Chamber conducted the race with local support, but no national sponsor. Champion Jimmy Gronen of Boulder, CO was disqualified after the race when an electromagnet was found in his car. Brent Yarborough of Elk Grove, California was declared the winning driver that year.

  • 1974

    The Akron Area Chamber of Commerce assigned all rights to the Akron Jaycees, which established International Soap Box Derby, Inc. to operate the Derby. The corporation’s affairs are administered by a board of directors of community leaders from Akron and other cities – that same organization that continues to manage local and All-American Soap Box Derby activities today.

  • 1975

    Eleven-year-old Karren Stead of Lower Bucks County, PA became the first girl to win the All-American Soap Box Derby.

    In November 1975, Novar Electronics Corporation of Barberton, Ohio became the new national sponsor.

  • 1976

    Officials added the Kit Car, or Junior Division, in which youth ages 10 through 12 built cars from hardware supplied in a kit and with patterns for the floorboards. Phil Raber, 11, of Sugarcreek, Ohio, won the first All-American Soap Box Derby’s Junior title.

  • 1981

    Some junior contestants built cars built for the first time with fiberglass body shells provided by All-American headquarters. Howie Fraley of Portsmouth, Ohio won the Junior Champion title that year.

  • 1986

    The first sanctioned rally races were run, in which youngsters accumulated points to earn a “wildcard” slot in the field for the All-American Soap Box Derby.

  • 1987

    Thirty All-American Soap Box Derby world champions returned to Akron to celebrate the program’s 50th anniversary. Bob Turner, the first winner, was grand marshal of the Race Day Parade.

  • 1993

    For the first time, youth qualified for a separate All-American rally championship. Kristal Calin of Merritt Island, Florida was the first driver to win the Rally World Champion title in the Stock division.

  • 1995

    Super Stock ready-to-assemble cars for larger youth replaced the Kit Cars.

  • 1997

    As part of the 60th-anniversary celebration, the All-American Soap Box Derby Hall of Fame was established. Myron Scott, the youth racing program’s founder, returned to Akron to become the first inductee.

  • 1999

    The City of Akron contributed $1.3 million to replace the aging wooden grandstands with metal bleachers and to repave the entire length of the track.

  • 2000

    A new two-deck steel bridge, funded by Summit County, replaced the bridge that had stood over the finish line since 1937. Because of the positioning of the new structure, the track was lengthened by 35 feet to its current 989 feet, four inches.

  • 2012

    FirstEnergy Corp., the diverse energy company based in Akron, became the program’s title sponsor.

    More than 550 youngsters between the ages of 7 and 17 represented their home communities in the 75th FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby on Saturday, July 21. They came from 40 states in the United States, as well as from Canada, Germany, Japan and New Zealand.

    The Soap Box Derby Hall of Fame Museum and Starting Line Structure were constructed.

  • 2013

    A new three-lane wheel and lane swap race for Rally Champions was added to Race Week during the FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby. In 2014 the event was re-named the DQ Rally Challenge.

  • 2015

    A new three-lane wheel and lane swap race for Local Champions was added to Race Week and named the SUBWAY® Challenge.

  • 2016

    The Soap Box Derby Scholarship fund was renamed to the Bill Speeg Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Education Program Timeline

  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2023
  • Gravity Racing Challenge Begins

    The Derby’s Gravity Racing Challenge® STEM Team Competition began when two Soap Box Derby® cars were placed into the National Inventors Hall of Fame School in Akron, Ohio. Twelve students built the cars and then competed in a race down the world-famous Derby Downs Track.

  • 2nd Annual GRC + Mini Cars Debut

    Nine teams participated in the 2nd annual Gravity Racing Challenge® STEM Team Competition. Soap Box Derby Mini Cars were also introduced to the Education Program this year. The cars are 1/13th scale replica cars of the Derby’s three divisions: Stock, Super Stock and Masters.

  • 3rd Annual GRC + Summer Camps Begin

    65 teams participated in the 3rd annual Gravity Racing Challenge® STEM Team Competition.
    Soap Box Derby Summer Camps were introduced at the world-famous Derby Downs Track. The Camps are designed for kids ages 9-12.

  • 4th Annual GRC

    90 teams participated in the 4th annual Gravity Racing Challenge® STEM Team Competition.

  • Satellite GRC Races Added

    120 GRC teams in Akron. Satellite GRC races were added in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.

  • More Satellite Sites are Added in 2015

    132 GRC teams in Akron. Satellite GRC races in Columbus, Port Clinton and Marysville, Ohio as well as Rochester, New York, Culpeper, Virginia and Macon, Georgia.

  • GRC Tops 166 Teams

    166 GRC teams in Akron. Satellite GRC races in Columbus, Marysville and Cleveland, Ohio as well as Rochester, New York, Culpeper, Virginia and Macon, Georgia.

  • Today

    The Derby’s Gravity Racing Challenge® STEM Team Competition has grown to include more than 1,200 students and educators. Plus, Mini Cars are being used in classrooms and after-school settings around the country.

Derby Downs Track Records

1936 – 1939 (1,175 feet)
Cliff Hardesty, White Plains, N.Y., 27.80 (1939) – Finished first in the All-American

1946 – 1970 (975.4 feet)
Tony Penuelas, San Diego, Calif., 26.63 (1947)

1971 – 1999 (953.75 feet)
Ed Myers, Conshohocken, Pa., 27.10 (1974) – Finished third in the All-American

2000 – Present (989.4 feet)
Hilary Pearson, Kansas City, Mo., 28.24 (2004) – Finished first in the Masters Division of the All-American

2000 – Present (989.4 feet)
Sherry Lazowski, 26.585 (2011) – Ultimate Speed Division Car

The Who’s Who of the Soap Box Derby

Local Champions

Find All-American Soap Box Derby World Champions beginning in 1934.

See all Local World Champions

1934 (Dayton) – Robert Turner, Muncie, IN

1935 (Akron) – Maurice Bale, Jr., Anderson, IN

1936 – Herbert Muench, St. Louis, MO

1937 – Robert Ballard, White Plains, NY

1938 – Robert Berger, Nebraska City, NE

1939 – Clifton Hardesty, White Plains, NY

1940 – Thomas Fisher, Detroit, MI

1941 – Claude Smith, Akron, OH

1942-1945 – No Race Due To World War II

1946 – Gilbert Klecan, San Diego, CA

1947 – Kenneth Holmboe, Charleston, WV

1948 – Donald Strub, Akron, OH

1949 – Fred Derks, Akron, OH

1950 – Harold Williamson, Charleston, WV

1951 – Darwin Cooper, Williamsport, PA

1952 – Joe Lunn, Columbia, GA

1953 – Freddy Mohler, Muncie, IN

1954 – Dick Kemp, Los Angeles, CA

1955 – Richard Rohrer, Rochester, NY

1956 – Norman Westfall, Rochester, NY

1957 – Terry Townsend, Anderson, IN

1958 – James Miley, Muncie, IN

1959 – Barney Townsend, Anderson, IN

1960 – Fredric Lake, South Bend, IN

1961 – Richard Dawson, Wichita, KS

1962 – David Mann, Gary, IN

1963 – Harold Conrad, Duluth, MN

1964 – Gregory Schumacher, Tacoma, WA

1965 – Robert Logan, Santa Ana, CA

1966 – David Krussow, Tacoma, WA

1967 – Kenneth Cline, Lincoln, NE

1968 – Branch Lew, Muncie, IN

1969 – Steve Souter, Midland, TX

1970 – Sam Gupton, Durham, NC

1971 – Larry Blair, Oroville, CA

1972 – Robert Lange, Boulder, CO

1973 – Bret Yarborough, Elk Grove, CA

1974 – Curt Yarborough, Elk Grove, CA

1975 – Karren Stead, Lower Bucks Co., PA

1976 Sr. – Joan Ferdinand Canton, OH

1976 Jr. – Phil Raber, New Philadelphia, OH

1977 Sr. – Steve Washburn, Bristol, CT

1977 Jr. – Mark Ferdinand, Canton, OH

1978 Sr. – Greg Cardinal, Flint, MI

1978 Jr. – Darren Hart, Salem, OR

1979 Sr. – Craig Kitchen, Akron, OH

1979 Jr. – Russ Yurk, Flint, MI

1980 Sr. – Danny Purol, Sacramento, CA

1980 Jr. – Chris Fulton, Indianapolis, IN

1981 Sr. – Tonia Schlegel, Hamilton, OH

1981 Jr. – Howie Fraley, Portsmouth, OH

1982 Sr. – Matt Wolfgang, Pennsburg, PA

1982 Jr. – Carol Ann Sullivan, Rochester, NH

1983 Sr. – Mike Burdgick, Flint, MI

1983 Jr. – Tony Carlini, Orange Grove, CA

1984 Sr. – Anita Jackson, St. Louis, MO

1984 Jr. – Chris Hess, Hamilton, OH

1985 Sr. – Matt Sheffer, York, PA

1985 Jr. – Michael Gallo, Danbury, CT

1986 Sr. – Tami Jo Sullivan, Lancaster, OH

1986 Jr. – Marc Behan, New Hampshire State

1987 Sr. – Brian Drinkwater, Bristol, CT

1987 Jr. – Matthew Margules, Danbury, CT

1988 Masters – David Duffield, Kansas City, MO

1988 Kit Car – Jason Lamb, Des Moines, IA

1989 Masters – Faith Chavarria, Tri-County, CA

1989 Kit Car – David Schiller II, Dayton, OH

1990 Masters – Sami Jones, Salem, OR

1990 Kit Car – Mark Mihal, Northern, IN

1991 Masters – Daniel Garland, San Diego, CA

1991 Kit Car – Paul Greenwald, Saginaw, MI

1992 Masters – Bonnie Thornton, Las Vegas, NV

1992 Kit Car – Carolyn Fox, Salem, OR

1992 Stock – Loren Hurst, Akron Suburban, OH

1993 Masters – Dean Lutton, North Central, OH

1993 Kit Car – Danielle DelFarraro, Akron Suburban, OH

1993 Stock – Owen Yuda, Harrisburg, PA

1994 Masters – Danielle DelFarraro, Akron, OH

1994 Kit Car – Joel Endres, Akron Metro, OH

1994 Stock – Kristina Damond, Jamestown, NY

1995 Stock – Karen Thomas, Jamestown, NY

1995 Super Stock – Darcie Davisson, Kingman, AZ

1995 Masters – Johnathon Fensterbush, Kingman, AZ

1996 Stock – Matthew Perez, Akron Suburban, OH

1996 Super Stock – Jeremy Phillips  Charleston, WV

1996 Masters – Tim Scrofano, Northeast, OH

1997 Stock – Mark Stephens, Waynesboro Suburban, VA

1997 Super Stock – Dolline Vance, Salem, OR

1997 Masters – Wade Wallace, Elkhart County, IN

1998 Stock – Hailey Simpson, Salem, OR

1998 Super Stock – Stacy Sharp, Kingman, AZ

1998 Masters – James Marsh, Cleveland, OH

1999 Stock – Justin Pillow, Central, FL

1999 Super Stock – Alisha Ebner, Salem, OR

1999 Masters – Allan Endres, Akron, OH

2000 Stock – Rachel Curran, Akron Suburban, OH

2000 Super Stock – Derek Etherington, Anderson, IN

2000 Masters – Cody Butler, Anderson, IN

2001 Stock – Chad Eyerly, San Bernardino, CA

2001 Super Stock – James Rogers, Rochester, NY

2001 Masters – Michael Flynn, Detroit, MI

2002 Stock – Cameron Vannatta, Anderson, IN

2002 Super Stock – Roger Youmans, Jr., Rochester, NY

2002 Masters – Evan Griffin, Central FL

2003 Stock – Nicholas Sibeto, New Castle, PA

2003 Super Stock – Corey Harkins, Chicago, IL

2003 Masters – Anthony Marulli, Rochester, NY

2004 Stock – Perrin Norris, Tullahoma, TN

2004 Super Stock – RickiLea Murphy, Portage County, OH

2004 Masters – Hilary Pearson, Kansas City, MO

2005 Stock – Nick Hoffman, Lancaster, OH

2005 Super Stock – Tyler Gallagher, Portage County, OH

2005 Masters – Stephanie Inglezakis, North Summit, OH

2006 Stock – Michael Neely, Akron Suburban, OH

2006 Super Stock – Sally Sue Thornton, Vallejo, CA

2006 Masters – Garrett Kysar, Martinsburg, WV

2007 Stock – Tyler Shoff, Akron, OH

2007 Super Stock – Andrew Feldpausch, Saganaw, MI

2007 Masters – Kacie Rader, Washington, D.C.

2008 Stock – Joanna Barnowski, Akron, OH

2008 Super Stock – Hayley Beitel, Tallahoma, TN

2008 Masters – Courtney Rayle, Washington, D.C.

2009 Stock – Sarah Whitaker, Akron, OH

2009 Super Stock – Maija Liimatainen, Madison, WI

2009 Masters – Megan Thornton, Cleveland, OH

2010 Stock – Megan Gongaware, Akron, OH

2010 Super Stock – Tucker McClaren, Salem, OR

2010 Masters – Morgan Champagne, New Hampshire State

2011 Stock – Katelyn Victoria Hahn, Charleston, WV

2011 Super Stock – Emily Mikayla Fox, Hancock, MD

2011 Masters – Allison Bates, Twinsburg, OH

2012 Stock – Alexander Khachigian, Tuolumme, CA

2012 Super Stock – Kallie Myers, St. Clairsville, OH

2012 Masters – Maddie Minch, Cleveland, OH

2013 Stock – Macaila Ziolkowski, McKeesport, PA

2013 Super Stock – Bryce Volpe, Cleveland, OH

2013 Masters – Jay Warnick, Greater Washington, DC

2014 Stock – Mason Breeden, Culpeper, VA

2014 Super Stock – Emerson Minch, Cleveland, OH

2014 Masters – Campbell Conrad, Arlington, MA

2015 Stock – Annabelle Herron, Roanoke, VA

2015 Super Stock – Karlye Murphy, Rochester, NY

2015 Masters – Bailey Martin, Arlington, MA

2016 Stock – Joseph Kratochvil, Piedmont Area, VA

2016 Super Stock – Mallory Bruen, Northern Maine, ME

2016 Masters – Kathryn Lindsey, Winter Park, FL

2017 Stock – Cayson Hayes, Southeast, GA

2017 Super Stock – Brianna Roth, Liberty, NY

2017 Masters – Malena Shipley, North Georgia, GA

2018 Stock – Lane Schlafke, Bowling Green, KY

2018 Super Stock – Ashton Grace, Hopkinsville, KY

2018 Masters – Bradeyn Ditzler, Pottsville, PA

2019 Stock – Cassidy Martin, Lyons, GA

2019 Super Stock – Saleta Nichols, Federalsburg, MD

2019 Masters – Kelsey Van Waart, Omaha, NE

2020 – No Race Due To COVID-19

2021 Stock – Johnny Buehler, Kansas City, MO

2021 Super Stock – Nathen Christian, Bowling Green, KY

2021 Masters – Emma Roseland, Omaha, NE 

2022 Stock – Ayva David, Ocala, FL

2022 Super Stock – Eleni Fischer, Columbus, OH

2022 Masters Alexandra Uhler, DuBois, PA

2023 Stock – Tristan Talluto, Denver, CO

2023 Super Stock – Parker Lame, Portage County, OH

2023 Masters – Bella Siddle, Stanwood-Camano, WA

Rally Champions

Find All-American Rally World Champions beginning in 1993.

Rally World Champions

Find All-American Rally World Champions beginning in 1993.

1993 Stock – Kristal Calin, Merritt Island, FL*

1993 Kit Car – Heather Crowe, Kettering, OH

1993 Masters – Jon Hoffman, Hurricane, WV

1994 Stock – Drew Holmes, Columbia, MO

1994 Kit Car – Jamee Clemens, Blue Springs, MO

1994 Masters – Kristin Miller, Springfield, OH

1995 Stock – Tim Goebel, Clinton, OH

1995 Kit Car – Loren Hurst, Hudson, OH

1995 Super Stock – Aaron Hoffman, Papillion, NE

1995 Masters – Ryan Wolstenholm, Naperville, IL

1996 Stock – Heather Fountain, Martinez, GA

1996 Super Stock – Christie Carroll, Dry Branch, WV

1996 Masters – Danielle DelFerraro, Stow, OH

1997 Stock – Lucy Wagner, Oxford, OH

1997 Super Stock – Kyle Wentland, Bristol, CT

1997 Masters – George Weissgerber, Rockville, MD

1998 Stock – Robert DuBroc, Ponte Verda, FL

1998 Super Stock – Matt Perez, North Canton, OH

1998 Masters – Andrew Atwill, Bernardston, MA

1999 Stock – Megan Taylor, Charleston, WV

1999 Super Stock – Carleigh LeBlanc, Bristol, CT

1999 Masters – Melissa LaPointe, E. Hampstead, NH

2000 Stock – Brooke Wallace, Muncie, IN

2000 Super Stock – Megan Evans, Lee’s Summit, MO

2000 Masters – Eric Fenzke, Thousand Oaks, CA

2001 Stock – Anna Diring, Green Bay, WI

2001 Super Stock – Ashley VanFossen, Barberton, OH

2001 Masters – Christopher Perotti, Burlington, CT

2002 Stock – T.J. Pond, Altamonte Springs, FL

2002 Super Stock – James Fritz, Souderton, PA

2002 Masters – Amy Clemens, Blue Springs, MO

2003 Stock – Koby Garnhart, Winnebago, IL

2003 Super Stock – Zak Boll, Stow, OH

2003 Masters – Alexis Rhodes, Conneaut, OH

2004 Stock – Nathan McCaw, Hood River, OR

2004 Super Stock – John O’Connor, Brockport, NY

2004 Masters – Roger Guptill, Newcastle, ME

2005 Stock – Kirby Gagne, Winter Springs, FL

2005 Super Stock – Justin Kurk, Oregon, WI

2005 Masters – Ryan Siefkert, Delphos, OH

2006 Stock – Michael Bridges, Scottsdale, AZ

2006 Super Stock – Olivia Murphy, Lafayette, IN

2006 Masters – Scott Reed, Fredericksburg, VA

2007 Stock – Vince Sprague, Cincinnati, OH

2007 Super Stock – Dennis VanFossen, Barberton, OH

2007 Masters – Scott Miesse, Strongsville, OH

2008 Stock – Megan Newcomer, Danville, IN

2008 Super Stock – Caitlin Smith, Federalsburg, MD

2008 Masters – Brandon Feagan, Richardsville, VA

2009 Stock – Tyler Fleck, Perkasie, PA

2009 Super Stock – Alex Seither, Mason, OH

2009 Masters – Megan Hydutsky, Pottstown, PA

2010 Stock – Ricky Desens, Webster, NY

2010 Super Stock – Sean Brown, Spotsylvania, VA

2010 Masters – Michael Morawski, Guilderland, NY

2011 Stock – Gabrielle Beville, Linden, VA

2011 Super Stock – Daniel Raulli, East Syracuse, NY

2011 Masters – Meghan Frantz, New Philadelphia, OH

2012 Stock – Logan Maves, Madison, WI

2012 Super Stock – Nick Zimmerman, Cloverdale, IN

2012 Masters – Freddy Atchison, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

2013 Stock – Erin Donovan, Eagleville, PA

2013 Super Stock – Ricky Desens, Webster, NY

2013 Masters – Melanie Kohout, Geneva, IL

2014 Stock – Dylan Theisen, Tallmadge, OH

2014 Super Stock – Sabrina Engleman, Troutville, VA

2014 Masters – Daniel Raulli, East Syracuse, NY

2015 Stock – Lukas Ramey, Hanson, KY

2015 Super Stock – Tyler Peterson, Bowling Green, KY

2015 Masters – Kelsey Settles, Owensboro, KY

2016 Stock – Karlye Murphy, Hilton, NY

2016 Super Stock – Peyton Van Gruensven, Menasha, WI

2016 Masters – Peyton Strand, New Milford, CT

2017 Stock – Aidyn Driggers, Tarrytown, GA

2017 Super Stock – Celina Murty, Rochester, NY

2017 Masters – Marlon Wells, Indianapolis, IN

2018 Stock – Cayson Hayes, Summerville, SC

2018 Super Stock – Landen Watson, Madisonville, KY

2018 Masters – Allison Pankoff, Parker, CO

2019 Stock – Cash Driggers, Tarrytown, GA

2019 Super Stock – Erin Donovan, Eagleville, PA

2019 Masters – Abigail Mills, West Lafayette, IN

2020 – No Race Due To COVID-19

2021 Stock – Bella Siddle, Camano Island, WA

2021 Super Stock – Karlye Murphy, Hilton, NY 

2021 Masters – Landen Watson, Evansville, IN 

2022 Stock – Brayden Locher, Owensboro, KY

2022 Super Stock – Karlye Murphy, Hilton, NY

2022 Masters – Cash Driggers, Tarrytown, GA

2023 Stock – Samantha Hoagey, Oviedo, FL

2023 Super Stock – Kelsey Van Waart, Grenta, NE

2023 Masters – Cayson Hayes, Conneaut, OH

Hall of Fame

In 1997, as part of the 60th-anniversary celebration, the All-American Soap Box Derby Hall of Fame was established. Myron Scott, the youth racing program’s founder, returned to Akron to become the first inductee.


Celebrities were a tradition at the All-American Soap Box Derby. Actors such as Jimmy Stewart and Tom Hanks, Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan and even NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt came to Akron.

Celebrities at the AASBD

1934 – Col. Roscoe Turner

1935 – Cowboy star Tom Mix; World War flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker; Indianapolis “500” winner Bill Cummins; radio announcers Graham McNamee and Tom Manning

1936 – Dizzy and Daffey Dean of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team; Graham McNamee

1947 – Air Force General James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle; actor James Stewart

1948 – Air Force General James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle; actor James Stewart

1949 – Ohio Governor Frank Lausche; James Stewart and Gen. Doolittle were back for their third time

1950 – Prize fighter Jack Dempsey; William Boyd, (“Hop-along Cassidy”); Indy “500” winner Wilbur Shaw, and James Stewart was back for his fourth time

1951 – Actor Ronald Reagan; Andy Devine; ventriloquist Paul Winchell; Wilbur Shaw; Air Force Generals Nathan F. Twining and Hoyt S. Vandenberg

1952 – Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy; comedian Joe E. Brown; James Stewart and Wilbur Shaw as flagmen

1953 – Dinah Shore and husband George Montgomery; Andy Devine; Don Ameche; Captain Video and the Video Ranger; Wilbur Shaw and Mauri Rose

1954 – Robert Cummings; Jack Carson; Abbott and Costello; Lola Albright

1955 – Cleveland Browns quarterback Otto Graham; Indy “500” champ Bob Sweikert; Jon Hall; Dinah Shore and George Montgomery

1956 – Roy Rogers; Joe E. Brown; singer Snookie Lanson

1957 – James Stewart for the sixth time; Dinah Shore and George Montgomery; Roy Rogers and wife Dale Evans

1958 – Pat Boone; Eddie Bracken; Guy Madison

1959 – Vice-President Richard Nixon; Art Carney; Jimmy Dean; Wendell Corey

1960 – Andy Williams; Craig Stevens; Dale Robertson

1961 – Eddie Arnold; Peter Brown; George Maharis and Martin Milner

1962 – Lorne Green; Dan Blocker and Michael Landon of “Bonanza”

1963 – Rock Hudson; Paul Lynde; Arthur Godfrey; Paul Anka; John Russell

1964 – Lorne Green; Dan Blocker; Michael Landon were back, joined by Pernell Roberts

1965 – Fess Parker; Glenn Ford; Frankie Avalon

1966 – Forrest Tucker; Ken Berry and Larry Storch (“F Troop”); Elizabeth Montgomerey; Agnes Moore­head and Dick York of ‘Bewitched’

1967 – Robert Lansing; Adam West (Batman); Christopher George; James Rhodes; Patty Duke; Shari Lewis

1968 – Judy Carne; David Canary; Herb Alpert; ski champ Jean-Claude Killy; Frankie Randall and Jennie Smith; John Havlicek of the Boston Celtics

1969 – Hugh O’Brian; Chuck Connors; Lorne Greene; Mark Slade; Noel Harrison; O.J. Simpson; Gus Johnson

1970 – Lorne Greene; Lloyd Haynes (Room 222); Cazzie Russell; Karen Stenwall; Linda Cristal; astro­nauts Richard F. Gordon and Alfred M. Warden; Dick Clark

1971 – Lorne Greene; Jim Backus (Mister Magoo); Oscar Robertson; Bobby Unser; Arlene Stens (America’s Junior Miss)

1972 – Comedian George Kirby; Jim Backus (Mister Magoo); Cazzie Russell; Robert Reed (The Brady Bunch)

1973 – Marty Allen; Jerry Lucas; Jim Lovell

1974 – Eddie Bracken; Evel Knievel

1975 – Eddie Bracken and the Fifth Dimension

1976 – Bob Crane; Bobby Allison; Barbara Crawford; Mike Haynes

1977 – Actors Vic Tayback; Peter Isacksen; Eric Scott; Joe Conley; Bill Fitch; Lou Groza; Tommy Hite (Olympic Wheelchair Champion); Rick Hampton (Cleveland Barons)

1978 – Bobby Troup (“Emergency”); Char Fontane (“Joe and Valerie”); Patty Weaver (“Days of Our Lives”); Dave Gardner (Los Angeles Kings); John Lambert (Cleveland Cavaliers); Pele’ (World-famous Soccer Player)

1979 – Donna Mills (“Knots Landing”); Peter Fonda; Joe Namath; Charlene Tilton (“Dallas”); Richard Paul (“Carter Country”); Michael Young (“Kids are Peo­ple Too”); George Takei (“Star Trek”)

1980 – Scott Baio (“Happy Days”); Bill Daily (“The Bob New-hart Show”); Kathleen Doyle (wife of actor Richard Kline); Christopher George (“Rat Patrol”); Linda Day George; Richard Kline (“Three’s Com­pany”); James Noble (“Benson”); Vic Tayback (“Alice”); Joey Travolta

1981 – TV stars Gordon Jump, Frank Bonner, Tom Hanks, Sonny Shroyer, Eddie Mekka, Laurie Walters, and Christopher Norris; Mike Mitchell and Bill Laimbeer of the Cleveland Cavaliers

1982 – Richard Gergman (“Father Murphy”); George Takei & James Doohan (“Star Trek”); Scatman Crothers; Brodie Greer (“CHIPS”; Harry Wayne Casey (lead singer of KC and the Sunshine Band)

1983 – Robert Mandan (“Soap”); Ben Jones and Sonny Shroyer (“Dukes of Hazard”); Terry Lester (The Young and the Restless”); Bruce Weitz and James B. Sikking (“Hill Street Blues”)

1984 – Brian Patrick Clarke (“General Hospital”); Dawn Parrish (“Capitol”); Howard Morton (“Gimme a Break”); Lee Benton (“Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer”); Michael Gross (“Family Ties”); Patricia McPherson (“Knight Rider”)

1985 – Elizabeth Burell (“One Life to Live”); Barbara Whinnery (“St. Elsewhere”); Peter Land (“Bay City Blues”); Sorrell Brooke (“Dukes of Hazzard”); Alison Arngrim (“Little House on the Prairie”); Robert Pine (“CHIPS”); and Phillip McKeon (“Alice”)

1986 – Mark Sellers (“Solid Gold”); Lara Jill Miller (“Gimme a Break”); Henry Polio (“Webster”); Adam Rich (“Eight is Enough”); and local Cleveland TV personalities Lil’ John Rinaldi and partner Big Chuck Schodowski.

1987 – Bill Hufsey (“Fame”); Connie Needham (“Eight is Enough”); Kevin Wested (“Growing Pains”); Dick Sargent (Down to Earth”); Miss Teen USA Kristi Addis

1988 – Bill Hufsey (“Our House”); Soleil Moon Frye (“Punky Brewster); Carla Ann Wilson, Ohio’s Junior Miss; Kristen Logan America’s Junior Miss; Dick Simon; NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt

1989 – Nina Blackwood of MTV; Jeremy Miller (“Growing Pains”); Will Gotay (“Stand and Deliver); Chris Economaki, CBS Announcer; Gloria Loring (“Days of Our Lives”)

1990 – Alaina Reed Hall (“227”); Kevin Peter Hall (“Predator and Harry & the Henderson”); Allan Kayser (“Mama’s Family”); Christina Nigra (“Out of this World”); Chris Economaki, Scott Nemes (“It’s Garry Shandling’s Show”); Chris MacDonald (“Empty Nest”)

1991 – John Andretti (PBS Announcer & Indy 500 Driver); Jon Provost (“Lassie”); Michael Delorenzo (“Head of the Class”); Julia St. Claire (“Santa Barbara”); Robert Reed (“The Brady Bunch”)

1992 – Phyllis Davis (“Vegas”); Lyn St. James (commen­tator for WVIZ-TV, Indy 500’s ‘Rookie of the Year); Christopher Castile and Brandon Call (“Step by Step”)

1993 – Leanza Cornett, 1993 Miss America; Ross Mellinger (“Sleepless in Seattle”); Tony Dow (“Leave it to Beaver”); Tom Sneva (former Indy 500 Champ); Titilayo Adedokun (1993 Miss Ohio); Leslie Easter-brook (“Police Academy”); Thomas lan Nicholas (“Rookie of the Year”); Robert ‘Hoot’ Gibson (Astro­naut and US Navy Captain); Alfred M. ‘Al’ Warden (farmer astronaut and current staff VP B.F. Goodrich Aerospace)

1994 – Kaye Lani Ralko (Miss America 1988); Shelli Yoder (Miss Indiana 1992); Max E, Stade (“3 Ninja’s”); Michael M. Horton and Steve Henneberry (“Ame­rican Gladiators”); NASA Astronaut and physician Dr. Rhea Seddon; Lea Mack (Miss Ohio 1995); Astronaut Robert ‘Hoot’ Gibson

1995 – Susan Powell (Miss America 1991); Shelli Yoder (Miss Indiana 1992); Sam Saletta (“The Little Rascals”); Steve Henneberry (“American Gladia­tors”); Commander of the USS Seawolf Dave McCall; Ellen Pasturzak (Miss Ohio 1995); Aaron ‘Mark’ Jackson (NBC’s “American Dreaming”); Donnie Jeffcoat (Nickelodeon’s & Crazy Kds)

1996 – Robyn Hancock (Miss Ohio 1996); actress Natalia Gigliuti; actor Johnathan Angel; Commander of the USS Seawolf Dave McCall; actor Jeffrey Licon; Shelli Yoder (Miss Indiana 1992); Shannon Duff (“Katt’s Kreatures”); American Gladiator’s Red Williams.

1997 – Lieutenant General Daniel W. Christmas (Superin­tendent, US Military Academy); actress Jennifer Banko; actor Harley Rodriguez; Manny Lopez (“Sweet Valley High”); Dennis Haskins (“Saved by the Bell”); Myron E. Scott (Founder of the Soap Box Derby)

1998 – Dennis Haskins (“Saved by the Bell”); Brandon Hammond (“The Gregory Hines Show”); Justin Walker (“Clueless” and “Monster”)

1999 – Dennis Haskins (“Saved by the Bell”); Eric Nies (“Road Rules” and “The Grind”); Mike Fox (Carolina Panthers); Lena Smith (Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2000)

2000 – NASA Astronaut Candidate Michael J. Foreman; Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2001 Kara Vargo; Samantha Becker (“Saved by the Bell the New Class”); Lindsey McKinnon (“The Opposite Sex”, “Saved by the Bell the New Class” and “Boy Meets World”); NASCAR driver Bobby Allison

2001 – NASA Astronaut Candidate Michael J. Forman; Dennis Haskins (“Saved by the Bell”); Olivia Hack (“Any Day Now” and “The Brady Bunch Movie”)’ Bruce Michael Hall (“Passions”)

2002 – Dennis Haskins (“Saved by the Bell”); Sherri Howard (“Scorpion King” and Olympic Champion); Dante Lavelli (Pro Football Hall of Famer); Richard Tayor (NYPD); Scott Kimmins (NYPD); Frank Perrone (FDNY); Scott Grupert (FONY); Diana Warren (Miss Wheelchair Ohio); Ricky Craven (NASCAR); Jerry Nadeau (NASCAR)

2003 – Sherri Howard (“Scorpion King” and Olympic Champion); Butch Reynolds (Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist); Scott Clifton (“General Hospital”); Tony Stewart (NASCAR); Ricky Craven (NASCAR); Joe Nemechek (NASCAR)

2004 – Billy Schuffenhauer (Olympic Champion, Silver Medalist); Butch Reynolds (Olympic Champion, Gold & Silver Medalist); Kevin Young (Olympic Champion, Gold Medalist, Record Holder); Paul Gonzles (Olympic Champion, Gold Medalist); Commander P.T. Stevens (USS Seawolf); Sherri Howard (“Scorpion King’ and Olympic Champion, Gold & Silver Medalist); Tony Stewart (NASCAR); Ricky Craven (NASCAR); Joe Nemechek (NASCAR)

2005 – Erin Cracker (NASCAR Driver); Bob Golic WNIR (former Cleveland Brown); Frank Stams (former Cleveland Brown)