How Do I Start a GRC Team?

How To Start A Team?

The GRC Competition challenges teams of school children to build a Soap Box Derby racing car using a standard kit and a set of rules. Teams build cars using parts (floorboard, steering, braking, axles, wheels, etc.) and compete in a race at the world famous Derby Downs Track in May against other school teams.

Throughout this event, teams compete not only in racing, but also in a mini-car competition. This competition is NOT mandatory.

What Makes Up A Team

GRC teams are made up of not more than 10 students (driver, alternate driver, 2-4 pit crew members and media specialists) and two coaches. Even though not more than 10 members make up the official “team” there is no maximum on how many students can participate in building the car. What’s Involved

A kit must be purchased from the International Soap Box Derby. The car is built over a period of time according to the rules and regulations of the ISBD. The building process could take one day or can last any length of time, depending on the structure of the class/club/etc. Once the car is built it then goes through an inspection process to make sure the car is safe to drive. Once the car passes inspection it is then tested by the driver and alternate driver prior to the GRC competition in May.

Season Overview

Registration for the GRC begins in January. During January schools create a marketing team (optional) to solicit sponsorship for cost of kit, supplies, banners, t-shirts, etc. and also determine GRC team members. The kit is then purchased and car assembly begins. This is also the time to create a design and layout for t-shirts, banners and the car. Schools also begin the optional Mini SBD car design and race contest. The deadline for GRC registration is at the end of March. Car inspections and drop off take place early in May. The deadline for the optional activities is at the end of April. Team check-in and test runs are one-two weeks prior to the race.