Painting Your Super Stock Car

A Stock Car CANNOT be painted. A Super Stock car can be painted. Certain steps need to be taken to prepare your Super Stock Car for painting.

Tips On Painting Your Soap Box Derby Super Stock Car

1. A Stock Division Soap Box Derby car can NOT be painted.

2. When painting a Super Stock car:
— DO NOT over spray on the inside of the shell
— DO NOT paint the axles
— DO NOT paint the wheels
— DO NOT paint the floorboard

3. Are you having trouble getting the paint to stick on a super stock shell?
Following are steps that will greatly increase your chances of getting proper paint adhesion to your super stock body:

Step No. 1 — Clean the body with an automotive grade prep solvent or wax and grease remover. Do two square foot areas and use one rag to apply and one rag to remove the solvent before it dries.

Step No. 2 — Repeat Step No. 1. Removing the mold release agent is what you are doing.

Step No. 3 — Using a Scotch Brite scuff pad, clean the body with a plastic prep cleaner. Do not use sandpaper on the body. Do two square foot areas and use one rag to remove the cleaner.

Step No. 4 — Repeat Step No. 3.

Step No. 5 — Following the manufacturer’s application instructions, spray the body with an adhesive promoter or plastic surface modifier.

Step No. 6 — Use the paint system of your choice. If you choose an automotive finish, be sure to use any recommended flexible additives. When sanding your primer coats, if you go through to the body, you must spray additional adhesion promoters on the spot. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and respiratory equipment as needed when using solvents and paint products.