Re-Build Kit (Complete Bag)

Introducing the Re-Build Kit (Complete Bag)

It’s great for GRC teams who are rebuilding their Stock or Super Stock cars. Trying to map out how to re-build your Soap Box Derby car? Make this re-build kit part of the equation.

It’s the same parts bag sent with the original kit and organizes some of the most intricate parts – parts like washers, screws, bolts, etc. And you can use the same assembly plans from the original kit!

It’s simple…you keep the big stuff (Axles, Wheels, Airfoils, Shell, Helmet, Foot Brace, Brake Pedal, Brake Plunger, Steering Mount, Steering Wheel, Rear Axle Plate – Super Stock, Radius Rods – Stock) and we’ll provide the small stuff! It’s an effective time-saving way to re-build your car and give your students the best tools for success.

Tips on Using the Re-Build Kit

Re-Build Kit Options

Stock Car
Small Box
Medium Box

Super Stock Car
Small Box
Medium Box