Storing Your Soap Box Derby Car

After you’ve finished racing you’ll want to make sure your car is stored properly.

Storing Your Soap Box Derby Car

1. Do not allow the car to get wet. An exception is if the car is in a race it must be dried after racing.

2. The axles should be coated with a light coat of oil, Vaseline, or grease to prevent rust, when the car is not used.

3. Over winter it is preferred that a car is kept in a “warm” building or basement. If the car is kept in an unheated garage all screws must be loosened on the body of the car.
Note: If the car is a Stock Car the body of the car must be removed completely off the floor board. The stock body may become brittle in cold weather.

4. The wheels should be placed in a box and stored indoors for the winter (preferred).

5. If the wheels are left on the car, keep them off the ground, so to prevent flat spots.

6. Cover the car with a sheet, and or plastic to keep it clean.

7. Purchase a plastic mattress pad for a single bed to cover the car if it rains.

8. Wax the car body.

9. Change the brake pad if necessary.